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Product type: Products - Portable Equipments
Name:Apex Locater


Two working modes:


1.root canal apex finder and pulp vital measurment.
2.Wide color LCD screen,operation simple and friendly interface>
3.Fifth generation muti-frequency design for wet or dry accuracy,adjustment-free.
4.Progressive audio signal conbied with on-screen graphics.
5.rechargeable Li-ion Battery and charger.
6.Charge/working stasus intelligent switch to avoid EMI .
1.Adaptor voltage:AC100-240V,50/60HZ
2.Battery:7.4v/1000mAh changeable Li-ion battery.
3.Charge time:3hours
4.Display:color LCD sreen,buzzer.






Two working modes:


1.Root cannal apex finder and pulp vital measurement;

2.Color LCD screen display and can adjust the angle you need;

3.Multi-frequency design, exact accurate;

4.accurate current-stabilized generate technology

5.Self-test function in apex locator;

6.The narrow zone of the apex can be adjust if the doctor need;

7.Sound prompt for the apex in the narrow zone of the pulp vital;

8.Rechargeable Li-ion battery and charger






Instruction of Apex Locator:
1.Adopt the III dual-frequency measure technology, display with large LCD.
2.Measuring will not be effected by environment, no matter the root is dry or full of electrolyte(blood, or normal saline), it can measure precisely.
3.Manify the apex zone, display with 11 scales, precision can reach 0.1mm.
4.Number and scales display the detecting position synchronously.
5.With sonar alarm when it? in narrow zone, and the sonar volume can by regulated.
6.Auto-check when starts up, calibrate the data previously, remain the operation precision.
7.The narrow zone of apex can be regulated by the doctor if it? needed.
8.Long power consumption design, super long using time, power supplied by No.7 battery, with 7 scales battery indication.
9.The accessories can be sterilized with high temperature, prevent the patients from cross infection.

main technical index:
2.power consumption:<0.05W
3.static current:<10uA
4.display mode:LCD
5.running method:short time
6.equipment classification:Class IImedical instrument classification index
7.thunder protect classification: type BF style mobile spatter-protect equipment(medical instrument classification index)
8.Guarantee: 2 years.






1.even when there are some remanant blood and some solution, the uint can get precise data.
2.double super large LCD display, can display how deep the apex file has probed into the root
and digital display the distance from apex file to the apex at the same time, show the apex
length directly and clearly.
3.with sona alarm, remind timely, more humanized.
4.easy to operate, efficient, accurate, convenient, and without X-ray radiation.
6.hooker and the wire can be sterilized with high tempreture, avoid cross infection.


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