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Product type: Products - Endodontic Instruments
Name:NiTi Multi-taper Files

NiTi Hand & Rotary Multi-taper Files

           手用变锥度锉                                            机用变锥度锉


NiTi Multi-taper Files are developed for modern mechanical preparation

atopting Crown Down technique. Taper changes continuously from tip to

handle for each file. With the unique multi-taper design, sharp cutting

edge, good flexibility and excellent shaping efficiency, NiTi multi-taper

files give dentists a brand new experience on root canal preparation.

n Available of Hand-use and Rotary

n Length: 21mm, 25mm (always 19mm for SX)

n Package: Single or assorted sizes.All packages come with 6pcs/set

(3 pcs of shaping files and 3 pcs of finishing files)

n Recommended Rotatiing Speed for Rotary Multi-taper Files: 150~350 rpm

n Characteristics:

a) Progressive taper design improves flexibility and cutting efficiency,

especially in tighter or more curved canals

b) Fewer files are needed to achieve a fully tapered canal

c) With the latest improved technology, Multi-taper Files maintain

     much longer fatigue life


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